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Nachiketa Sharma
Hindustani Vocal

Raga Charukeshi

This morning melody is a relatively recent import from the Karnataka stream into the Hindustani system. Its notes obtain from the 26th Karnataka melakartA and are:  shaDaj, shuddha rishab, shuddha gandhAr, shuddha madhyam, pancham, komal dhaivat and komal nishAd. No consensus exists on the precise canonical phraseology for this rAga but typically the madhyam, pancham and dhaivat are accorded dominant roles.

Two compositions are presented here. First, a madhya-laya teentAl bandish, kAhe manA tu jaga bharmAyA, and it is followed by a striking composition in druta ektAl, conceived by Pandit Ramashreya "Ramrang" Jha.

Real Audio Clip of Charukeshi

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