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Nachiketa Sharma
Hindustani Vocal

Raga Miyan Malhar

This is a popular rAga of the malhAr group and is traditionally associated with the monsoon season. It employs the following swaras:  shaDaj, shuddha rishab, komal gandhAr, shuddha madhyam, pancham, shuddha dhaivat, komal nishAd and shuddha nishAd.  The contour of Miyan Malhar is highly vakra. The malhAr-anga is expressed via the vault from rishab to pancham originating from the madhyam, and also by an interplay between the two nishAds. The gandhAr is skipped in the ascending phrases; it is only in the avarohi passages that its presence is registered in a manner reminiscent of the kAnaDA-group.

In this recording Miyan Malhar is impersonated by an exquisite bandish of Ramashreya "Ramrang" Jha, in druta ektAl, Ayi badariyA.

Real Audio Clip of Miyan Malhar

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