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Nachiketa Sharma
Hindustani Vocal


The concluding item in this suite, vachanA literally means "saying," and contextually these poetic sayings, actually in Kannada free verse, are the work of the pioneers of the Veerashaiva movement within the Hindu religious tradition. The most intense creative period of the Veerashaivas is considered to be between the 10th C and 12th C AD, in the geographical area of what is today northern Karnataka.

The lyric on this CD, yanna kAyavA, was written by Basavanna, the great social reformer of the 12th century AD. Therein he beseeches Lord Shiva to use his body as an instrument on which to play His cosmic tune. It has been set to music by Pandit Basavraj Rajguru.

Real Audio Clip of the vachana

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