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Nachiketa Sharma
Hindustani Vocal

Raga Yaman

Among the Hindustani pantheon of rAgas Raga Yaman is assigned a singular position as one of the most fundamental,  the flagship of the kalyAN group. The swara set is defined by: shaDaj, shuddha rishab, shuddha gandhAr, teevra madhyam, pancham, shuddha dhaivat and shuddha nishAd. The ascending phrases are typically launched from the mandra saptak nishAd and the shaDaj and pancham are skipped (although this need not always be the case). In descent, the swoop from the pancham to the rishab is a notable feature of the kalyAN group. The gandhAr and nishAd are strong and serve as nyAsa-swaras. Diverse interpretations exist in practice in the detail as one traverses gharAnA borders but the core of the kalyAN characteristics is unmistakable.

Here the Yaman treatment opens via a madhya-laya teentAl traditional composition, ko udAra, and is topped off by a sprightly druta teentAl cheez, banvAri nA karo, of Pandit Ramashreya "Ramrang" Jha.

Real Audio Clip of Yaman

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